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Frugal Liquid Dish Soap Hack | Astuce de Savon Liquide Vaisselle

Marhaban Bikoum! Greetings! Welcome to my channel and blog: Bienvenue sur ma chaine youtube, et mon blog: http://thetealtadjine.blogspot.com I would like to share a little tip on how to save a little money and stretch your liquid dishwashing soap. And I know it may not seem like much but, over time small things add up, costing us money possibly putting us in a situation where we may not have access to things like this. Knowing how to make them stretch will be important. Doing these things now make them second nature so that when we HAVE to do them they do not seem foreign or out of the ordinary. Give this cleaning hack a try. I promise you will not even notice a difference! In fact, you might be surprised at how far your dish soap will go! ★★★★ LOOKING FOR ہ MORE RECIPE & TIPS? ★★★★ Check out the RECIPE INDEX on my page: http://thetealtadjine.blogspot.com/p/... ★★★★ SUBSCRIBE TO ہ MY PAGE FACEBOOK ★★★★ Check out my Facebook page for updates and Printable-Sharable Recipe Cards: Pour etre à jour des publications, ma page à Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTealTadjine/ Recipe Cards: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheTealTa... ★★★★ FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ★★★★ https://www.instagram.com/thetealtadjine

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