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Halal Piña Colada Cocktail

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم
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It's August here in Algeria. And it's the hottest month of the year. Temperature today was 31°C - 87°F at 78% humidity. Really weather like this you don't feel like doing else expect relaxing. And in this sweltering heat, I beg the question is there anything better than sipping on a cool drink at the beach or on your rooftop terrace?

Finding this ripe pineapple inspired me to whizz up this forthy tropical sweet pineapple and coconut cocktail, halal style for us to enjoy. The usual piña colada is made with rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice. Of course, to make it halal I omitted the rum. But I also made it healthier by homemade coconut milk rather than any canned cream of coconut. It was an extremely delicious and even hefty drink that filled up right. Something that I will I'll be making on our fasting days, as well. 

A little backstory about:

According to WikiThe name piña colada literally means "strained pineapple", a reference to the freshly pressed and strained pineapple juice used in the drink's preparation.

Two Puerto Ricans invented this beverage, claiming to have first made it at the Caribe Hilton Hotel's Beachcomber Bar in San Juan in 1954. It has since then become the official drink of Puerto Rico and July 10 is known as "piña colada day" in the Caribbean.

So do you really need  an excuse to make this?
Just do it.
You can thank me later.

halal piña colada cocktail 
Ahalal version of this famous drink
 Internationally famous refreshing and forthy tropical cocktail made halal 


SPECIAL DIETS:  LOW FAT, vegan friendly, vegetarian, gluten free

beverages  | serves 3-4



With optional wedge of pineapply on the rime of the glass or maraschino cherry 

‣ I would suggest the use of fresh pineapple, not cannedbut certainly you can use that if that's what you have on hand.

‣ For an instructional video on how to cut a pineapple, click here.

  • 450g - 2 cups of freshly cut and cubed pineapple
  • 200mL - 1 cup coconut milk
  • handful /about 6 ice cubes
  • 2 TBS (optional, to taste) sugar or date syrup
  • Optional - pineapple slices as garnish

    PEEL and slice the pineapple. I used a medium pineapple and got about 2 cups of fruit out of it.

    ADD the pineapple, coconut milk, ice and optional sugar to a blender and blend until smooth.

    POUR the mixture into chilled glasses and serve immediately.

    If you are taking this cocktail to-go, pour into insulated container such a thermos or beverage cooler. Consume the same day.

    You can use coconut yoghurt or coconut cream in this recipe.

    If you are on a sugar-free diet, omit the sugar or rather use a sugar subsitute such as honey, date paste, date syrup, etc.

    You can use other fruits in this recipe such as kiwi to vary it.


    SOURCE:  ADAPTED FROM the puerto rican CLASSIC

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        2. I can't wait to try this! I have yet to come across a halal pina colada recipe until now! So excited, thank you!


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