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Playback of this Ramadan's ftour table & Chourba Hamra Fdaouech

Greetings friends,

Today I just post a playback of meals I prepared these this past Ramadan ... Please enjoy and have the greatest blessed day!

Harira Oranais
Chackchouka nouvelle version

Harira Oranais
El Yasmina salè (savoury)

Salade variès

Chourba Frik
Khoubz el dar
Chackchouka nouvelle version
Tcherek el  arian

El Yasmina salè (savoury)

Bourek Algèrois
Chourba Frik
Salade varès
Beef kebab

Beef kebabs

Chourba Frik
Beef kebabs

Salade variès

Imami Bayladi
Chourba hamra
Baba ghannouj
Bourek Ladajine

Bourek cigars
Harira Oranais
Tunisian pepper and tuna salad
Bourek Annabi

Tunisian tuna and grilled pepper salad
Bourek Annabi
Salade makarona
Pain de son de blè (all bran bread)

Bourek Laadajine
Salade betteraves w zordiya
Maqlouba (with ground lamb)

Chourba hamra with orzo pasta ( langue d'oiseau)
Maqlouba (with ground lamb)
Now for today's recipe. A really easy soup from the city of Algiers using vermicelli pasta.
chorba hamra fdaouech 

1 grated onion
500g -1/1 lb Lamb meat cut in tiny pieces
1 small zucchini cut into small dices
1 small potato, diced
A bouquet of cilantro finely chopped or chopped
3 or 4 leaves of mint
salt pepper to taste
1 tsp red pepper paste
1 branch of celery
500 g of ripe tomatoes
1 TBS soup of tomato concentrate
2 tsp of groun cinnamon
A small bowl of chickpea soaked the day before
1/4 cup  of vermicelli

Heat the oil in a pot, melt the onion with the meat cut into small pieces.
Add the chopped coriander and the mint and celery.
Add the salt, red pepper and a tablespoonful of tomato concentrate.
Add pepper and cinnamon. Combine everything with a small fire and leave to come back a few minutes.
Add zucchini and potato.
Pour 1 1/2 ½ of water and chickpeas.
Place the couscoussier over the pot and place the cut tomatoes into large pieces. Salt lightly and cover the couscoussier.
In the first stock, reduce the heat and cook for 25 minutes. Remove the tomatoes and set aside.
When the meat and the chickpeas are cooked, pass the tomatoes to the food mill  or mixer. Pour into the pot.
Do not hesitate to add a little water if you find it useful.
Increase the heat and, at the first boil, pour the vermicelli (1 small handful) and toss at the same time until boiling.
Reduce heat and cook for a few minutes. Adjust seasoning.

Serve warm and sprinkle with chopped cilantro and drizzle with lemon juice.

May your table be surrounded with warmth and blessings!


  1. magnifique merci pour le partage bisous

  2. Wow, what a spread! Everything looks great.

  3. Merci Ratiba! Merci de votre commentaire sur ma page. J'adore votre blog aussi! autant de délicieuses recettes pour moi d'essayer! J'aime les couleurs de votre Tcherek!

    Thank Ivy! These were just a photos from the month. Have great time in Cyprus!!!


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