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Candied orange peel express - Express écorces d'orange confite


Greetings friends out in the Blogosphere!

Today, I present in preparation for the next recipe, I would like to share my faster then usual 'express' way of candying orange peel. I have to be honest that sometimes ... no many times I get impatient in the kitchen for dishes to cook to the right doneness, I have several dishes I am preparing at once, the children need my attention ... you know how that goes!

I love garnishing dishes with the ingredients in the dish ... and that is how it should be right? Not everything can be garnished with a sprig of parsely LOL!

And candied fruits are one of my favourite garnishes. I will tell you that in my childhood you would have never gotten me to even bite into one of those gubbery looking candied fruit squares found in most Christmas cakes. Oh my, never ... but I did change my mind thanks to Jacques Pepin, ambassador to the world of French cooking. I gave candied fruits another try. And I found that I loved them! Not the factory mass produced gummy bitter fruits but the real chewy and fragrant ones made from what else? Real fruit!

But going back to my sometimes impatience in the kitchen ... just thinking of the long process of blanching, boiling, reducing, draining, then boiling some more -makes my inner child just whine!!!

So going into my brainstorming mode, I came up with a simple and quick 20minnutes or less way to candy orange peels!
From peeling the oranges to dredging-and-drying, and the taste is not bad, not bad at all. Makes you wonder why waste 4- 5 hours on the longer process!

(Weeeell, OK I will admit I would and do waste the time, when I want to make chocolate covered orange peels - but only then ... and it's rare!) =p

Look for oranges with a smooth and blemish free surface. But also ones like Navels or Thomson that have a thick skin.


Express candied orange peel

  • 4 oranges, washed (Navel or Thomson)
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cup pure honey (or if you must 2c white sugar)
  • ½ cup for rolling the candied peel in


- Scrub the orange's skin very well, sometimes orange have wax coating on them.
Thank the God here they do not!

- With a vegetable peeler, peel the outer skin off. Take time to not peel off the pilth. (If you were doing the longer method, then using the pith would not matter since you are cooking the peel for at least 1 hour before it becomes translecent. But for express, you need some shortcuts!)


- Shred the peel into long thin strips. No need to be fancy here, the sugar will cover your less then prefect knife skills LOL!

- In a sauce pot, add the peels, honey and water.

- Bring it up to boil, then reduce the heat to medium.

- Simmer for 15m.

- Prepare a plate for sugar coating later.

- Preheat the oven to 150°.


- Carefully remove the peels ( it is HOT!) with a fork, scoop out and drain a heap of orange peels over the cooking bowl until they stop dripping,

- Then toss them lightly in the plate with the dry sugar to coat all over.

- Scoop out the peels and scatter them on a sheet of foil.

- Once all the orange peels are out of the syrup and sugar, pop the foil into the oven for 5m.

Now you are ready to use these as you like!

You can store these in a plastic food storage box or glass jar but I personally like to stick them into a large jar of sugar ... these infuse the sugar, very much like putting a vanilla bean into a jar of sugar! Orange scented sugar ... Mmmm another simple delicious pleasure!



° For even quicker method, try this in the microwave!

° Plus donnot waste anything! Keep the orange syrup for something else–you might be making marzipan or baklava or as a cake topping or even drinks, you never know!

En français

Express écorces d'orange confite

* 4 oranges, les laver (Thomson ou Navel)
* 2 tasses d'eau
* 2 tasses de sucre blanc + ½ tasse pour laminer le zeste confit au

La peau - Frotter l'orange va très bien, parfois orange sont enduits de cire sur eux.
Nous remercions le Dieu ici, ils ne sont pas!

- Avec un couteau économe, peler la peau externe hors tension. Prenez le temps de se décolle pas la pilth. (Si vous faisiez la méthode plus longue, puis en utilisant la moelle ne serait pas question, puisque vous faites cuire la peau pendant au moins 1 heure avant qu'il ne devienne translecent. Mais, pour exprimer, vous avez besoin de quelques raccourcis!)

- Déchiqueter le zeste en longues lanières minces. Pas besoin d'être extravagant ici, le sucre sera moins couvrir vos compétences alors préfet couteau LOL!

- Dans un pot de sauce, ajouter les zestes, le sucre et l'eau.

- L'amener à ébullition, puis réduire le feu à moyen.

- Laisser mijoter pendant 15m.

- Préparer une plaque à enrober de sucre plus tard.

- Préchauffez le four à 150 °.

- Retirer avec précaution les peelings (il est chaud!) Avec une fourchette, évider et les égoutter un tas de pelures d'orange sur le bol la cuisson jusqu'à ce qu'elles cessent gouttes d'eau,

- Enrober les pelures d'orange dans le sucre.

- Supprimer les pelures et les disperser sur une feuille de papier d'aluminium.

- Une fois toutes les pelures d'orange sont hors du sirop et du sucre, de la pop la feuille dans le four pendant 5 mètres.

Maintenant vous êtes prêt à les utiliser comme tu veux!


Elhamdulillahillazee at 'amanaa wa saqaanaa wa kafaa naa wa awaa naa

I pray to you all bon appetite and always warmth of blessings around your table!



  1. this is a great posting my friend
    I love citrus and if i can add it to everything i will not mind at all either in savoury or sweet. maybe its a Middle Eastern staple but i love them.

  2. Thanks! You must have read my mind! I have been wanting to make some but was reluctant to spend the time! Like you said it so well, all that draining and reboiling made my inner child scream with frustration! I will try your method and report back!


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