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80+ Recipes, Crafts & Ideas to Celebrate of Eid al Adha With

Eid al Adha is just around the corner. Get ready with recipes, decorating ideas and crafts!

بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
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Eid al Adha is just around the corner. If you don't know Eid al Adha, called Aïd el-Kebir is a "festival of sacrifice" or "Great Holiday". This holiday honors the the monumental  willingness of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his beloved young first-born son Ishmael (Ismail) as an act of submission to God's command, before God then intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead. In the lunar-based Islamic calendar, Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah and lasts for four days. In the international Gregorian calendar, the dates vary from year to year, drifting approximately 11 days earlier each year.Muslims from around the world celebrate this day by sacrificing an animal for Allah’s satisdfaction. It’s a day of joy and celebration.

In fact, the word itself "Eid" mean 'celebration' or 'festivity'. It's all about happiness and celebrating the end of journey of Hajj. The Hajj is a sacred pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca all able Muslims must make sometime in their lives as a sign of obedience to God  God had made the Hajj mandatory upon mankind initially during the time of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim)

“And make a proclamation of Hajj to mankind; they will come to you on foot and on lean camels from every distant quarter.” 
(Quran 22:27) 
Like Christians and Jews, Muslims remember how God asked Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Ismail), to test his devotion.

“Surely Abraham was an example, obedient to Allah, by nature upright, and he was not of the polytheists. He was grateful for Our bounties. We chose him and guided him unto a right path. We gave him good in this world, and in the next he will most surely be among the righteous.” 
(Qur’an 16:120-121)

Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim)  willingly submitted to the God’s command,  by HIS Mercy, replacedIshmael (Ismail)at the moment of sacrifice with a lamb. Abraham’s selfless act of obedience is commemorated by the sacrifice of a domestic animal such as a lamb, sheep, cow, or goat, the meat of which is then divided into 3 parts then distributed to the poor and also relatives and neighbors. Eid-ul-Adha exemplifies the charitable instincts of Muslims in their communal effort to see that no one is left deprived of the sacrificial meat. It further embodies the values of discipline and self-denial, and submitting to the will of God.
Along with the sacrifice it’s traditional or Muslims around the world to prepare their favourite dishes featuring  the sacrfical meat. Each home in each country is different.  but it's common for the first day to have a barbecue. Everyone in the family looks forward to the barbecue. Today, I'm sharing a few videos about humane halal slaughter, Eid ideas for children and recipes full of lamb, mutton, beef or camel to prepare for Eid al Adha. 

Prophet Mohamed stated “La taqtolu bil-la iza’a” if you must kill, kill without torture. Two years ago, I found a few videos put out by Mercy Salughter LLC regarding the correct and humane way of the Eid qurbani. Mercy Slaughter LLC has been diligent in its efforts to make the content of this presentation accurate. The philosophy and opinions expressed herein are those of Mercy Slaughter LLC and do not necessarily reflect the philosophy and opinions of all persons engaged in the halal meat industry (sadly).We watched with my husband the techniques the brother used, applying them our our sheep. And truly it did make a HUGE difference in the manner and sacrifice of our sheep. I would advise all Muslims to watch these videos, enchallah be eduated on the more humane way and really be mindful in our sacrifice. And enchallah in turn be an example to others with your good intentions and deeds. The only way to show God our appreciation for HIS blessing by not compromising the welfare of the animals. And by giving them best life and death as possible.
May God guide us all to his mercy and accept our good deeds!
This presentation is intended to be educational and thought provoking. Please advised of the graphic nature. There are 3 videos. I could (sadly) only post one here.

Link up your best Eid al Adha recipe by leaving recipes or links in the comments. And also check out my Eid al Adha Recipes and Eid al Adha Ideas Pintrest board.
And a tutorial on how to clean the sheep via Les Joyaux de Sherazade

Homemade Merguez Sausage via The Teal Tadjine
Chtitha bouzellouf via Les Joyaux de Sherazade
Mesrane mahchi via Amour de Cuisine
Algerian Kebda Chermoula via Wled el Djej
El Mardoud via Les Joyaux de Sherazade M'touem via The Teal Tadjine
Moroccan Kedba Chermoula via Mon Fleur Oranger
Osbane Douara via Delico
Couscous à Osbane via Cuisine à 4 mains
Kemounia via Zahida
Tadjine Zeitoun bel lham via Couscous et Pudding
La Langue d' Agneau au four via Bonoise Recettes
Chtitha Mokh via Couscous et Pudding
Tadjine d'agneau et abricot via Les Joyaux de Sherazade
Melfouf/Boulfaf via Christine Benlafquih
Batata Koucha/ K'bab Algérois via La Petie Paniére
Tadjine helou/ L'ham helou via Saveur et Delices
Cripsy Lamb Pastillas via Jamie Oliver
Loubia bel L'ham via The Teal Tadjine
L'ham Fhawer via Cuisinde de Ratiba
Roast Lamb Leg via La Petite Paniére
Sizzling Lamb Koftas via Jamie Oliver
Ground Lamb and Chickpeas via Spark People
Lamb and Lentil Casserole via The Sugar-Free Chef

Yakhni Pulao Shahjahani via Yummy Food
Kashmiri Makhni Gosht via Cubes d Julien
Indian Style Meatball Kabobs via My Culinary Adventures
Lamb Kabsa via Ya Salaam Cooking
Nalli Elumbu Soup/ Bone Marrow Soup via Asiyama
Sherperd's Pie via Jamie Oliver
Spiced Butterflied Lamb Roast via Martha Stewart
Lamb Burgers with Feta and Mint via Martha Stewart 
Lamb tadjine with dates, yams and apricots via Habeeas's Brulee
Lamb Tadjine kabobs via Pea and Carrots
Lamb braised in milk and garlic via Ivy Kopaiste
Lamb Pie via Ivy Kopaiste
Moussaka via Ivy Kopaiste
Sitcky Hosin Roasted Lamb Shoulders via Taste.au

Chourba M'Katfa via The Teal Tadjine
Chourba Harira via The Teal Tadjine
Tadjine helou bel sferdjel via La Petie Paniere
Hmiss via The Teal Tadjine
Bourek Laâdjine via The Teal Tadjine
Salade carrote aux cumin via Wld el Jej
Bricks au olives noir via Wled el Jej
Taboulé via Wld el Jej
Bourek Algéroise via The Teal Tadjine
Bourek Annabi via The Teal Tadjine

La Mouna via The Teal Tadjine
Ghribas aux amandes via Recettes de Ratiba
Rfiss Tounis via Recettes de Ratiba
Lunettes via Djouza
Ghribas aux noix de coco via Djouza 
Chrik via The Teal Tadjine
Besboussavia The Teal Tadjine
Mchwek via La Petite Paniere
Mchwek à noix de coco via Wled el Jej
Sablés via Wlda el Jej
Khoubz el Beyvia The Teal Tadjine
Coconut Ice Squares via BBC Good Food
Tamina aux dattes et blé via Cuisine à 4 Mains
Makrout Lâassel via The Teal Tadjine
Tcherek M'saker via The Teal Tadjine
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